The NUTRAMIST Model 3 has a 3 teflon head nebulizer featuring CeramiTef transducers which can convert up to 11 oz. of solution per hour so, if your crops consume about one gallon in a 12 hr. daylight cycle (12 hrs x 11 oz/hr. = 132 oz / 128 oz/gal = 1.03 gal.), this fogger is appropriately sized for your application.

Power Consumption: 125W Average droplet size 3-5 microns Includes AC adapter for low voltage operation CE. UL. CUL. GS. CSA. listed. Misting disk size: (3) x 22mm Consumption up to approx 11 oz. or 330 mL/hr (on high) Fogger head size 3" diameter x 1.75" tall Internal Fluid Capacity: 1.75 US Gallon Overall Size: 15" x 15" x 9" Fog Volume Fill Rate: Approx. 2.5 cubic feet per second

Employ an inexpensive uninterruptable computer power supply to keep your Nutramist fogger running even if there's a temporary power outage. Any 350VA UPS will run the Nutramist 3 Fogger for 25 minutes on full power in the event of a power outage.