Growing Mushrooms With The Nutramist

Mushrooms Successfully growing mushrooms indoors is a challenging task. The humidity, temperature and cleanliness of the air in the environment must be strictly controlled. We are currently conducting research and development into using the Nutramist to help mycologists gain better control over their craft. The areas in which we believe the Nutramist may be helpful are humidity control and air purification.

By utilizing a specially designed ultrasonic transducer to create fog, the Nutramist effectively destroys any pathogens that may be present in the solution as it is nebulized. For this reason, using the Nutramist to generate humidity may be a more sterile means than other current methods. By incorporating a precise humidistat to control the Nutramist, extremely granular control over relative humidity can be enjoyed.

Another area which the Nutramist may show promise is when used to create a dilute, sterilizing solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.

For more information on the application of hydrogen peroxide and mycology, you may find this web page useful although we do not endorse or have control over the information present there.