main_foliarThanks to the NUTRAMIST's ultra-fine vapor which results in significantly enhanced tissue penetration, most nutrients and foliar applications can be effective at up to 50% less than label recommendations which saves money and protects crops from the harmful effects of over-fertilization and tissue treatment.

The Nutramist is a great tool to apply foliar feedings. We suggest using a longer hose so you can reach the garden without having to constantly move the Nutramist as it should be left alone while in operation. We frequently hook 20’ of 2” Vapor distribution hose to the Nutramist in the middle of the greenhouse so we can cover a full 40x40 house without having to move the unit. If you’ve ever tried Messenger® try applying it with the Nutramist. Foliar feedings and treatments are literally inhaled by the leaves since the fog is so fine and it doesn’t leave them sopping wet, a sure invitation for rot and mold.