Ultra Low Volume Pest Control Using The Nutramist:

main-pestThe gardener's battle against pests is an ongoing one that has resulted in many casualties on both sides. With many age-old pest controls coming under public scrutiny these days, gardeners have been seeking safe alternatives such as employing beneficial insects and natural insecticides. Beneficial insects are those that feed on pests but not on crops. They are generally very effective but their cost and effective application do present problems in some situations. Naturally occuring pesticides such as Pyrethrum, a water soluble extract from the flowers of a chrysanthemum species, have been of much interest these days.

Ordinarily, pest control sprays made with Pyrethrins are tricky to apply becuase many of the soft bodied pests they target inhabit the undersides of plant leaves rather than the tops which are easy to spray. This makes manual application difficult, if not impossible in most cases. Pyrethrin "bombs" attempt to solve the problem by creating an airborne mist which is still only marginally effective at penetrating deep leaf canopies and reaching the pests that hide below the leaf surface. The idea of using the ultrasonic fogging mechanism to create a more effective delivery method for this type and other types of direct acting pest controls has been extensively researched and documented.

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