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Single Teflon Head NUTRAMIST Fogger module

A new improved heavy duty nutramist module is ideal for maintaing humidty during propagation. the same fogger device as used in the Nutramist system. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer looking to experiment with building their own high capacity propagation system

NUTRAMIST Replacement 24V DC Fan

OEM replacement fan assembly. 32 cubic feet per minute water resistant fan operates with NUTRAMIST CYCLONE 4 power supply.

NUTRAMIST 24V DC Fan Power Pack

2.5 Amp switching power supply allows 120-240VAC input, 24 VDC output. OEM power supply for Nutramist Cyclone 4 ultrasonic foggers.

2" Inside Diameter Polypro Hose

Use to extend the reach of your Nutramist fogger. Original equipment useful for foliar feeding, fits our bulkhead connectors allowing you to custom "plumb" your garden. Use with our Vapor Distribution 'T' to split Nutramist output. Sold by the foot by US Plastics. Click here to order.
Vapor Distribution Hose

Nutramist Bulkhead

Use to connect our Nutramist to additional gardens.

Vapor Distribution 'T'

Utilize to split vapor distribution between gardens or to even flow across larger gardens. Must be glued to Vapor distribution hose using standard PVC cement to maintain proper sea.