Fog Hydroponics

2 week old pepper plants exhibit large root masses for plants that haven't even reached 4" tall!

Using the Nutramist foggers for hydroponics applications can provide many benefits for your garden below "ground level." They are an ideal means of providing upper roots with a nutrient enriched fog which penetrates deep into root tissue keeping them moist, well nourished and free from decay. When combined with the gentle stream of fresh air that carries the fog along, upper plant roots (a.k.a. "air roots") receive the complete benefits of having unlimited access to water, nutrition and Oxygen. When combined with existing flood and drain (ebb & flo), sprayer type aeroponics, or even certain types of drip systems which are designed to provide the bulk of nutrient solution required during production, the result is a superior, multi-layer root system that is unequivocally capable of capturing everything needed for the plants above to thrive as nature intended. The road to faster production of healthier crops and heavier harvests starts here.

  • Hydroponic fogging promotes the growth of miniscule root hairs which exponentially increase the overall root surface area and ability to uptake water, nutrients and exchange gases.
  • Hydroponic production of plants with our soon-to-be-released Nutramist gardens can reduce the use of nutrients by up to 50%.
  • With roots suspended virtually midair, the need for bulky and costly growing mediums is removed.
  • Nutramist Cyclone fogger is compact (9" x 13" x 15") and features a 16 oz on-board reservoir for up to one hour of operation, or it can be fed from a large reservoir or filtered cold water supply for continuous operation.
  • Industry Breakthrough! Our polypropylene and epoxy-potted construction provide incredible output capacity and more readily withstand the corrosion and salt buildup that doomed earlier technologies.
  • Four-step output control makes for easy management of all sizes of gardens and stages of growth.
  • Automatically regulated solution input allows you to gravity feed the Nutramist Foggers from any reservoir.
  • Fail-safe low water cut-off protects nebulizer from accidental run-dry damage.
  • Includes flexible vapor distribution hose & a bulkhead fitting for easy connection to your most existing systems.
  • Visit the retrofit page for ideas on how to adapt a NUTRAMIST fogger to your own system


Use to enhance your own cloning system or create your own design.fogger_silo Visit our retrofitting page for more ideas.