The NUTRAMIST ultrasonic foggers operate by oscillating several small, teflon coated transducers at a frequency of approximately 2 MHZ or two million vibrations per second. At this frequency, water-based solutions (fed from an external reservoir to the Nutramist) are nebulized into a cool, dry fog which can be used to feed roots and leaves using an ultra low volume of water and nutrients.

Since the average droplet size generated by the NUTRAMIST is less than 5 microns in diameter, it is small enough to be absorbed on contact by roots and leaves, which is one of the reasons it is so effective. The accompanying, adjustable stream of fresh air that carries the fog along provides the root zone with the highest level of Oxygenation possible.

NUTRAMIST ultrasonic foggers offer the exclusive benefit of having employing from three to ten, teflon-coated transducers in each unit. These are specifically designed for use with dissolved nutrient solutions as they are able to help avoid the condition of salt buildup and transducer failure which has plagued the application of this technology for horticulture in the past. In addition, each NUTRAMIST model has six power settings which give growers complete control over fog flow and penetration into dense root structures or foliar canopies. There is simply nothing else like the NUTRAMIST on the market today for horticultural applications.

See a video of the three NUTRAMIST FOGGERS in action: