main_humidMaintaining the proper humidity in your grow room or greenhouse is easy with the Nutramist Fogger. All you have to do is hook it up to a humidistat to take precise control over your plants environment.

While conventional high pressure misters create extremely large droplets, on the order of 60-120 microns, the Nutramist fogger's droplet size averages only 2-5 microns. At this size, Nutramist fog is quickly converted to water vapor instead of soaking your precious plant's leaves and opening them up to all types of bacterial and fungal problems.

These pictures were taken in our 8x8 greenhouse with a single Nutramist Cyclone running for 10 minutes simply to show just how much fog it can put out on its maximum setting. This was also done in the dead of winter when the relative humidity was only 15% so with doors closed a single Nutramist increased the RH 85 points in 20 minutes in a 416 cu. Ft. greenhouse.