Note: While we have discontinued manufacturing the two gardens featured here, we've left this content as many of our DIY customers find it useful in designing their own hybrid hydroponic systems We will be releasing our new Nutramist Hydra™ gardens in late August 2014. Stay tuned!

There are two Nutramist garden models, are designed for rooting cuttings and the Producer 16 and 32 have been designed to grow plants to term. The both maximize production by combining our fogging technology with Ebb & Flo. By constantly fogging the upper root zone and intermittently flooding the lower root zone, plants are afforded both maximum Oxygenation and access to an unlimited supply of nutrient solution at the bottom of the tray. This method has proven itself most effective especially with heavy feeders that require an extremely healthy root system to support heavy harvest of fruits and flowers. The Nutramist Fog & Drip gardens include a completely silent ultrasonic fogger and powerful submersible pump and all plumbing. Both garden styles share the same trays which allows the grower to simply change lids in order to repurpose their system.

Look At These Features

  • Maximum Yield, Minimum Space

  • Industry First! Fog & Drip Design For Incredible Output And Reliability
  • Super Low Profile - Grow On Shelves
  • Use A Remote Reservoir - Saves Space For More Garden
  • Completely Silent, No More Noise From Running Water
  • Easily Expandable In A Plug And Play Fashion
  • Use The Same System To Clone & Grow With Interchangeable lids
  • Two Second Setup And Easy To Store Stackable Design

The Problem

Until now, aeroponic gardens have worked by spraying roots with nutrient solution through micro-sized spray heads originally designed for landscaping use. These "sprayers" are fed by low pressure pumps (< 10 PSI) to keep cost, noise, and power consumption to a minimum. This older technology created a "spray" with an average droplet size of no less than 400 microns in diameter. Even when an expensive, noisy, power hungry high pressure pump, the droplet size will rarely fall below 80 microns. In addition, the higher water pressure required can easily damage sensitive root tissue. Since the entire concept of aeroponics revolves around providing roots with access to Oxygen to increase metabolism. This benefit has not been truly realized because spraying roots with such large droplets effectively drenches them in solution which inhibits access to available Oxygen. In order for roots to benefit from available Oxygen, the solution droplet size must be significantly reduced to that which will no longer impair such access.

The Solution

The Nutramist system utilizes a solid-state, ultrasonic device to create a "dry fog" with a droplet size of less than 5 microns! Compared to older technology, it's like comparing a BB to a basketball! At this size, nutrient enriched mist readily penetrate roots without choking them in solution. The result is extraordinary. Roots can now develop tiny hairs which exponentially increased their surface area and ability to uptake water and nutrients. At the bottom of the tray, tap roots are provided with a gentle ebb & flo of nutrient solution which is demostrated in the diagrams below.


1. The NUTRAMIST fogger nebulizes a small amount of the nutrient solution stored in the reservoir that doubles as a stand. There are six speeds to control the flow of fog on the NUTRAMIST so you can fine tune its output to match your garden's consumption rate..

2. The fog is pumped up into the tray where it feeds the waiting roots in what we will call the "air layer." Fog that condenses simply drips back down to the reservoir below where it can be recirculated.

3. A quiet, submmersible pump is timed to gently flood the bottom of the tray every so often to provide larger tap roots with unlimited access to additional nutrient solution.

4. The flood level is easily controlled by the adjustable fittings. Once crops are under way, many growers have reported running the pump continuously during daylight hours at the lowest level, much like an NFT system but with the benefit of the nutrient and Oxygen rich fog to feed the air roots above.

5. The drain tube at the bottom of the tray extends down into the solution to avoid creating the sound of running water, thus keeping your garden completely silent.

6. A reservoir level indicator shows at a glance how much nutrient solution is in the reservoir at any time.
Fog Drip System
1. The NUTRAMIST fogger continues to provide the air layer of roots with fog during the shallow flood cycle.

2. In this method the tap roots are shallowly bathing in nutrient solution, and the miniscule root hairs above continue to receive fresh Oxygen and nebulized nutrient solution. The grower selects the flood line.

3. The submersible pump can be set to flood on a schedule, using a timer, or run continuously to simulate nutrient film technique along the bottom of the NUTRAMIST tray. Most growers report feeding the tap roots with the flood feature more often as plants grow into their maturity. The combination of fog and flood creates the most Oxygen rich rooting environment ever developed without the need for growing media other than that in which the cuttings or seeds are originally started.

4. The adjustable fill and drain fittings enable the grower to choose the flood depth to best suit their crop's feeding requirement and style of growing.

5. If you plan to expand your NUTRAMIST garden, reservoirs are connected and their levels balanced by using a jumper tube in place of the level indicating tube as pictured in 6.

The Healthier Your Roots, The Better Your Fruits

Besides providing the finest solution droplet size, Nutramist systems constantly inject the root zone with fresh, Oxygen rich air. When combined with the flood and drain or NFT action that occurs on the bottom of the tray, plants have unlimited access to everything they need to grow big and fast. The result is healthier roots that can provide significantly increased Oxygen, water and nutrient uptake to the plans above which equates to faster growth of flowers, fruit and vegetables.